How to choose the right herpes dating sites?

herpes dating sites

Being diagnosed with an STD such as herpes can be choking to anyone. They may feel discouraged in dating and also lowering their self esteem. However, with technology, online dating sites have been created for people with different Intentions. This makes it easy for anyone who wishes to create a dating account. This article describes on how to choose a good dating site. There are free herpes dating sites and paid dating platforms.

Dating with herpes is a platform that provides data about people living with herpes. It was created by Support Group Leaders. It provides daily and accurate data on people living with herpes and creates awareness on the same.

Unlike other people, those living with STD like herpes, HIV/AIDS among others, dating for them can be challenging. It can be due to feeling ashamed or unwanted because of their status. So when they venture into dating they are very cautious. Some would want to date a person with same status or one who is not. It all depends with the person. We have online places where people date including dating sites for people with herpes. Herpes dating site include HSV single, positive singles among others. So when you want to start dating there are things you should consider.

These considerations will make their search fast and easy. They include:


Dating sites with many followers is the best to look for. This provides high chances of getting the perfect match for everybody.

Transparency and Privacy

You should be able to see who has viewed your profile and also be able to restrict what you want seen or don’t want seen. It should also allow others to view your profile for comparisons to their liking. It should also provide parts like Q&A sections.

Preferences and Interests

Before choosing a dating site, a person has to look for sites that offer people preferences in same or different interests and lifestyles. This will help and make it easy in finding the right person to date. People with same interests or lifestyles find it easy to date and understand each other.

Site Features

It is important to choose sites with features and functionalities such as user forums, blogs, and discussions where users can ask personal and embarrassing questions without any stigmatization, discrimination or fear of shame and rejection. Some of the sites with these features include Positive Singles, HSV Singles among others. Conclusion dating with herpes impossible. It only requires one to choose the right site.

From the above instructions, people living with herpes can therefore be able to choose the best dating site for them


With so many dating sites for people with herpes, those getting partners who share same interests can help them a lot. This will help with their self esteem. This is why before they venture into a dating site they should consider the above.