Tips to start new relationship with herpes

dating hsv singles

Dating life is hard when you have herpes. When you are diagnosed with herpes the first question that comes to your mind is will I ever find a person who understands me and truly love me? But do not worry. These negative thoughts will only make the situation worse. There are many people who have found the love of their life even when they have herpes. You can too. Here you can find some tips for dating HSV singles. If you would like to connect with other people then there is herpes support group. With the help of such groups you can meet people who are going through the same things and feel the same things as you. Continue reading to know more.

What to do after you are diagnosed with herpes?

First of all do not feel depressed. The news will surely make you feel low. However do not allow these feelings to continue. The outbreaks may be painful but now there are many ways to treat them. You will learn to keep the outbreaks from becoming severe. Your doctor will help you and you can also do a research on your own. You can learn to treat the symptoms, lessen the outbreaks and take care not to transmit the infection to others. These are some of things you have to think about after the diagnosis. After this if you feel ready to start a new relationship then the following tips will help you. 

Learn how to date with herpes

The issue is common

Today many people are aware about herpes. It has become a common issue so rather than staying away from it people are slowing learning about it. You may think that people will be cruel to you however most of the times that will not be the case. If people found out that you have herpes they will be kinder to you. They will not judge you. So do not prevent yourself from dating because of herpes and try to meet and talk with people to find a potential partner.

Stop underestimating yourself

Having herpes does not make you a different person. You may have many good qualities and talents and that’s what makes you unique. So try to be confident and show the real you to your potential partner. They may fall in love with you if they find your character and personality attractive.

Be frank before becoming intimate

 A lot of people with herpes find it difficult to reveal about their condition to their partner. They may do not know the right time to do it. If you have the same question then the right time to share about your herpes condition is before getting intimate. When you and your partner have decided to become intimate then it becomes your responsibility to be frank with them. Then after that your partner needs to decide if they want to continue or not. Leave it to them to decide. You need not be embarrassed about telling the details because you are doing the right thing. Moreover, if the risk of passing the infection to them is low and you are taking therapy then share with them about it.

Do not be overtly anxious about risks

The suppressive therapy is known to reduce the risks of an outbreak and possible infection. So do not fear of intimacy if you have herpes. There are ways which will prevent the spread of infection. You can talk with an expert about it or learn it from herpes support group pages. You can take care to practice safe sex with your partner to prevent infection.

Know how to handle if your partner has herpes

If your partner also has herpes then you both need to take some precautions before getting intimate. There are safe ways to become intimate so talk with an expert about it. Many herpes couples are happy in their relationship because they are following the right safety procedures. Manage with the risks and have a good conversation with your partner about it before going intimate.

Have a realistic mind-set

If you are having herpes you will have experienced many rejections. But if you are new in the game then expect that some people will reject you. But do not become disheartened because of it. You may find someone who likes you as many people have found. Do not stop because of some heart breaks. Continue meeting people to find the one who will love you. You can try dating HSV singles who are searching for a suitable partner. Therefore have a realistic mind set and face the world with confidence.


These points will help you to have a satisfactory relationship with herpes. Sometimes it will be hard however you may find someone you will understand you. You can get the help of herpes support group to connect with people with herpes and also receive encouragement and hope.