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Herpes Dating Support Group For HSV Singles

If you are living with herpes and looking for support and a relationship, HSVBuddies offers a welcoming and non-judgmental community for HSV singles to connect and build meaningful relationships. Our herpes dating support group is specifically designed to help individuals with HSV-1 or HSV-2 find love and support from others who understand what living with this condition is like.

The relationship helps HSV singles know who they are and makes them interact with other people to get to know them in terms of lifestyles, emotions, and so on. Some people derive joy from being in a relationship, and in this way they can impact lives. If you are in a relationship, you will be secure. This can happen if the parties involved are honest, trustworthy, and well known. Relationships are important to everyone, no matter their sex or gender.

A part of the Positive Singles network, HSVBuddies is a free-to-join dating site for people with Herpes. The website brings together people worldwide and encourages them to find love despite being infected with an incurable STD. PositiveSingles, on the other hand, is a huge group comprising over 200 niche dating and social networking sites, boasting a membership base of over 3 million users from various corners of the world.

Subscription Charges

 Registering with HSVBuddies is absolutely free of charge. The biggest advantage of being a part of this group is users can add as many websites to their account without paying any extra charges, provided those sites are below a certain threshold value. If you wish to add more popular websites to your account, a “Network Wide Membership” has to be opted for, which would cost around $29.95 per month.

The following prices are in USD, so you must convert them to your currency.

1-month subscription: $33.99
3 months subscription: $69.99
6 months subscription: $109.99

HSVBuddies has the right to change subscription charges and membership options without prior intimation. Users are advised to check with the website before making any purchases.

Overview of Hsvbuddies

Hsvbuddies, a Herpes dating site, ensure privacy and security, and they try their best to provide the best services to these victims so they can feel loved and cared for. These sites are not racist. They reach out to everyone who requires help. Many people have many successful stories to share because of the help they get from this site. However, some people may have no luck finding true love but it is better if you try to have a social life and a place to meet new friends rather than give up on life. Relationships are vital in the human race. However, everyone deserves to be loved, even with STDs. People should learn to cherish and appreciate them and not stigmatize them.

As stated earlier, HSVBuddies is absolutely free to register with. On becoming a part of this group, you get access to a host of websites as part of the Passions Network. Registered users on this site can take advantage of the various plug-ins and add other websites to their network. While opting for popular websites would cost you $33.99, is it certainly worth trying, given the benefits it brings on to the table?

Meet your perfect match with a simple click.

Once you have registered with this site, you can create a detailed profile; add pictures and a great deal of information so that others can learn more about you and the kind of person you are in real life. You can also add your treatment stories, which would certainly give you an edge over others, especially when you want to create a lasting first impression.

Once your profile is up and running, you can search for your ideal match using excellent search options. You can use innumerable parameters to filter the results and find someone like you. Getting in touch with other members on this site is pretty easy too. Users can use mini–messages, which are private messages that, although appearing on the user’s profile, can be seen only by him.

They can also send virtual ‘winks’ to let users know you’re interested in them. Users can also check out the success stories posted by other members who’ve found their perfect partner on this site. The extensive FAQ section and round-the-clock customer support are undoubtedly a helping hand in assisting users in getting the most out of this site.


At HSVBuddies, we believe everyone deserves to find happiness and fulfillment in their romantic life, regardless of their health status. That’s why we’ve created a safe and supportive environment where people with herpes can share their experiences, find understanding and support, and connect with others going through the same thing.

So why wait? Sign up for HSVBuddies today and connect with other HSV singles ready to embrace life and find love on their own terms. With our supportive community and powerful search tools, you’re sure to find the connection you’ve been looking for.

While this site is certainly not near what segment leaders like HSV Singles have in store, we still enjoyed using it. As this site is absolutely free to use, you can certainly check it out for once.