Women Tell All About Dating While Having Herpes

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Dating is difficult. In dating, Black women are frequently forced to feel inadequate and unworthy of truly genuine, caring, and lasting relationships. When you add herpes to the equation, things can become more problematic.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), particularly herpes, are fraught with stigma. Confusion and an overall lack of awareness are to blame for feelings of shame, anxiety, confusion, and preconceptions regarding herpes. It’s so widespread that many individuals have it yet don’t talk about it. You’ve probably snatched entitlement or gone on a date with somebody who has it. So, how does it feel to be looking for love while publicly coping with this? Four women agreed to discuss their experiences negotiating sex and dating as a Black woman with herpes.

The viewpoint of an STD life coach

According to Belize Spivey, an STD life coach, having herpes does not predestine you to a lifetime as a spinster. You may continue dating and having sexual intercourse. Spivey got it 11 decades ago, and having to live with it required her to conduct a lot of introspection about her relationship history. She realized she had a strange sexual relationship, which she used to deal with lack of self and feel good about herself. Herpes infection forced her to reconsider her motivations for sexual involvement and perform the inner work required to go forward. She discovered living after herpes when she was allowed to do so. She founded her company, Overcoming, in 2015 to help other Black women like her.

“There have been no support organizations for people who look like me when I discovered I had herpes,” she recalls. Society is teeming with women who overcome the stigma of being a person with the situation. Platforms like Belize’s are critical in educating women about the fact that they may have successful dating and sexual relations, notwithstanding the prejudice.

Improvement in dating life

Kayla, a 25-year-old woman, claims that her herpes discovery has improved her dating life. “My dating things haven’t changed all that much.” “Herpes has enabled me to be more sensitive with men who deserve my time and set limits with those who are merely looking to smash and pass,'” she says. Interestingly, Kayla stated that the most difficult aspect of dating herpes has been connecting with men who have it.

“My encounter with H+ men hasn’t been enjoyable,” she says. “It seems that a few of them will join H+ support networks for little or no physical intimacy, engaging in sexual behaviors that I don’t particularly agree with.” “Regarding my dating experiences with H- males, I’ve discovered that they have been more tolerant of my condition.” I’ve had both favorable and unfavorable revelation results, and while the negative disclosure results didn’t merit a relationship, they were nonetheless polite in their refusal.”

Rochelle, a 27-year-old white girl with herpes, hasn’t had the same confident dating life as Kayla. Rochelle’s social standing has harmed her self-esteem.

“I’ve put a lot of time doing inner work (with the support of therapy, reading sources, and podcasts) to truly develop that confidence to go and find love again,” she adds. “I’m putting myself out there,” she adds, “but I’ve found myself to be more conscious [about] who I choose to entertain.” As a result of her prognosis, she struggles with fears and anxieties and low self-esteem.

Rochelle continues, “Don’t get me mistaken, I often indulge in self-pleasure and aspire to be personal with a partner eventually, but it’s been incredibly lonely.”

Destine has had a similar thing happen as Rochelle. After being identified, she suffered from depression. She has, however, had a few luck after putting an attempt to return out there and date.

Staying safe while dating

“Going to date with herpes has been difficult. “When I got my diagnosis, all of my faith vanished,” she adds. “I’m very tough on myself, and I had mental health problems myself out when it’s time to announce.” Most people will hear herpes and instantly assume the worst, never attempting to know me sincerely. My sexual relationship was tossed out the window when I was first identified, but it was mostly by choice. Some prospective partners rebuffed me after putting myself out there; however, I recently met someone who also has HSV, and my sex life has skyrocketed.”

When asked what one time they needed the community to understand about those living with herpes, Kayla said, “Herpes is not the boogeyman condition that it’s portrayed out to be.” While breakouts are inconvenient, they are becoming less frequent over time, and it is feasible to have a normal, regular sex life for as long as you practice sexual relations with your partners. Herpes does not determine your value or attractiveness unless you allow it to.”

Rochelle also urged those aware of herpes to be open and inform possible partners. “It’s not good to communicate, but there’s a considerably lower likelihood of transmission when you’re fully informed.” “Communication is fundamental,” she says. “Let the person who does not have herpes decide to be affectionate with you.”


With such information, it’s a lot simpler to be knowledgeable and aware of STIs in general. For those trying to date while suffering from herpes, the reality isn’t nearly as frightening as the presumptions about whether other people react to your diagnosis. Use the resources available to help dispel the stigma associated with it. If your diagnosis has affected your self-esteem, consider counseling to express your feelings about it. You could also participate in a support network like Fight harder. Most essential, talk with prospective partners, love oneself, and understand that having herpes will not imply having any affection.

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