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Herpes Dating Site to Meet People With Herpes belongs to the top tier of websites in the herpes dating domain. This site has a staggering membership base of over 782,000 users who are looking for their ideal match. Apart from being a dating service, MpwH also aims to educate people about Herpes and provides ample resources that would help them take the right approach to herpes treatment. Nevertheless, the primary purpose behind the creation of this site is to enable people with herpes to find support in a safe and non – judgmental environment.

Problems faced by people with herpes.  Having herpes does entail one having a hard time dating or getting into a relationship. Well, this is a case that has been noted and there are websites that have been created for the sole purpose of helping people with herpes. Herpes singles do go through a lot of difficulty in initiating a relationship with anyone, meaning most of them end up leading a lonely single life.

This happens because it is quite hard to find another individual who is facing the same situation, finding such a person has finally been made easy through herpes dating sites. What is a herpes dating site? This is more of a platform that was created for people who experience difficulty in finding other people to date.

Premium Subscription Charges

 Whilst it is absolutely free to join this site, users are required to pay a premium fee in order to unlock all the features available on this site. Although free membership allows users to create a free profile, search for a potential companion and browse through the site, they are restricted from initiating a conversation with other members. The subscription rates are mentioned below:

  • 6 months of gold membership: $99.95
  • 3 months of gold membership: $59.95
  • 1 month of gold membership: $29.95

Users can upgrade their membership at any time by paying the subscription fee through a check card, credit card, or PayPal account. We also advise our readers to check the membership page on the site to stay updated on the latest rates.


 The first impressions about MpwH are certainly positive. The website has a clean and spacious layout and all the features are readily accessible. The site boasts of its free basic membership scheme right on the first page thereby encouraging users to become a part of this community.

Once one becomes a registered member, they automatically get directed to potential partners all in accordance with the specifications they pointed out This particular site has become a success and more people with Herpes are coming out and joining the site as they found out that they can no longer go through being single due to their conditions.) Would recommend that anyone suffering from Herpes go and register as a new member and the results will surely be amazing as they will definitely find other individuals with the same condition as them.

Best way to meet people with herpes

The process of registration is neither tedious nor does it ask for a lot of personal details. It wouldn’t take long for you to register with this site and start searching for your perfect partner. Standard or free users can exchange flirts/winks, in order to show their interest in a particular individual. Free users on this site enjoy access to the basic search feature. The blogs and forum sections are also accessible to free users.

In case you are looking to take advantage of the entire feature – set, we advise you to upgrade to premium or gold membership. This would not only enable you to filter search results with a greater degree of precision but also open up a host of privacy settings, thereby giving you total control over the profile and who can get in touch with you.

Besides being a dating service, MpwH also provides a great deal of information to people having herpes. Registered users can not only get general information on herpes but also on care locations in their area. There are STD chat rooms too where users can interact with a wider section of the audience.


Although is not the best-designed herpes dating service out in the market, it certainly ticks all the right boxes in terms of user experience. Given the fact that has helped thousands of people find their ideal match, this site is undoubtedly worth checking out.