Dating With Herpes: How to manage the dating World

Dating With Herpes

Many people get exposed to sexually transmitted infections due to having multiple partners or unprotected sex. The fact that such infections may sometimes not exhibit symptoms brings much confusion and misunderstanding to those with them.

Everyone in the dating pool worries if the person they are attracted to feels the same. Yet most of those people do not deal with flare-ups where the right time in your mind and body to be intimate is not the same. Even if you meet this great person on a dating site with the same hurdles of herpes as you, they may feel differently about how it should be discussed.

Herpes is one of the prevalent STIs that affect many people. There exist several Herpes Dating sites for people suffering from the infection. Dating with Herpes is often daunting, and we shall dive deep into a few guidelines to help you through.

Tips on how to manage the dating world with Herpes.

1. Educate yourself

Any person with the disease has to find out information from a wide range of resources possible to learn about the sources of stigmas and how to avoid them.

2. Try STI-friendly sites

Visiting sites such as Positive Singles is the initial step to getting people through a similar experience. The platform provides a connection between Herpes singles.

3. Do not limit yourself.

One has to be confident and direct in bringing up conversations that interrogate the issues affecting him or her. Besides, anyone with the infection could meet with someone without STI but is free to mingle with the one with it.

4. Have a direct profile.

When anyone with an STI visits popular dating apps and sites, he or she inserts a series of figures on the username or profile page indicating that they have an infection. This is, of course, an inconspicuous way to identify oneself as STI-positive. It is something that only persons with that STI would realize. For instance, Herpes 437377.

On the other hand, if you decide to follow this path and meet somebody who does not comprehend the meaning of the numbers or has an STI, ensure you are honest and clear about your infection.

5. Or else include it in your profile.

Every so often, you may not want to get into the conversation or just waste time, which is fine. You include your status on your profile page.

6. Have an organic conversation.

Other people may want to take it slow and take the time to understand the other person ahead of opening up to them about their status. Nonetheless, given that sex is involved, it is critical to be direct.

Herpes treatment is normally administered in two ways: a primary infection or a recurrent outbreak. Primary infection can be treated locally by taking some antiviral drugs like acyclovir and acyclovir, reducing the virus’s multiplication. However, recurrent outbreak only needs special care that your clinical officer may advise. Some home care treatments include; applying petroleum jelly like Vaseline on the infected area, drinking fluids frequently, and keeping the area clean.


If you got problems bringing up the conversation, ensure that you invest enough in practice. Above and beyond, remain patient and ready to listen. Your dating experience will improve in the long run.